Professional Networking With Your Smartphone

Our smartphones have become nearly as important (or more important) as our vehicles in our daily lives. Our smartphones serve as our communication link with everyone and everything outside of our immediate surroundings. We use them to talk, collaborate, email, plan, just to name a few. Ask any cell phone repair shop, and they’ll tell you that their customers feel naked and ineffective without their smartphones to rely on. Here are some ideas for using your cell phone to help you to network.

LinkedIn App

The most obvious way to use your cell phone to network is to download and use the LinkedIn app. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is ‘the Facebook for professionals’. Although Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch with old friends, LinkedIn is the gold standard for professional networking. The app is free, as is the basic LinkedIn account. So by installing the app and logging in with your account, you can use your phone to keep your professional network up to date, stay current with news relating to your industry, and even find jobs within your industry.

Facebook App

Now that we’ve covered the premier professional networking app, we can mention Facebook. Of course Facebook can be used for more than just staying in touch with old friends. You can follow companies you would like to work for, add more contacts, and of course, mine your old friends for information about future job openings. Who better to help you find a job than an old friend?


Meetup is a great way to find and/or organize group meetings. You can find happenings that are related to your business network. When you connect with others in your industry or occupation, you grow your network. If you are an organizer, you can use Meetup to plan and execute your get-togethers. Whether you find or organize meetings, Meetup will help you.

Your cell phone is your link to the world, whether connecting to your family, or your business network. You take it everywhere you go so make sure it’s always working for you. Be sure to use it to its fullest potential.