About Inter Net-Work

In the business world, it’s no longer what you know but who you know that will land you that sweet job you’ve been dreaming about. To even be considered for any particular job, you must obviously at least have the basic tools to do that job and/or an aptitude for performing that job, so understand that you must be capable of handling the position. Who you know, though, is important on at least a couple of fronts. First of all, the more people you know, the more chance you have of knowing someone that is in a position to help you on your career path. Second of all, people in a position to hire are quite often will hire from the pool of acquaintances.

Networking has become the most important factor for finding employment. Networking is the act of ‘getting your name out there’ among business leaders, managers, or others who can influence hiring decisions for his or her company. For those who are new the corporate world, possibly just out of college, networking is an important first step that will eventually pay dividends, sometimes sooner than later.

Our blog is about helping professionals boost their networking skills, even among those of you who aren’t so adept socially. If you have ideas that we can post about the importance of networking, or your experiences networking, drop us a line and we’ll incorporate it into an upcoming blog post.